Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Vanishing man


sh cover

A missing husband, a murdered chemist and an Egyptian curse. Can the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes unravel the Case of the Vanishing Man? Continue reading

The Maroon #1

maroon cover

The website for Owl Eye Comics includes a section with the title “what’s a maroon?!”.   If your comic has to start with an introduction to the basics of the subject, then you are immediately at a disadvantage, but the information provided here and the whole subject of The Maroon grabbed our attention. 

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The Resurrected #1

resurrected cover

When nanobot technology goes haywire, the entire nation of Australia is devastated within a few days.  Australian cop Cain Duluth, working in New York at the time, loses his family and his home. A few years later, when Cain is assigned to a special department focusing on those who have used science to cheat death, he finds himself investigating the mysterious murder of a man he once knew.

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