Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Vanishing man


sh cover

A missing husband, a murdered chemist and an Egyptian curse. Can the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes unravel the Case of the Vanishing Man? Continue reading

The Maroon #1

maroon cover

The website for Owl Eye Comics includes a section with the title “what’s a maroon?!”.   If your comic has to start with an introduction to the basics of the subject, then you are immediately at a disadvantage, but the information provided here and the whole subject of The Maroon grabbed our attention. 

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Daughters of Knights

When a young woman is accused of witchcraft after several mysterious deaths, three men are tasked with escorting her to stand trial. The accused claims that a demon is to blame, and as the trio of guards bicker over their responsibilities to church and state, their journey takes them through the forest where her troubles began… Continue reading