Colossal Chaos: From Out of the Blue

colossal cover

With a massive 26 stories themed around the idea of giant creatures, Colossal Chaos, from Stache Publishing, offers a whole host of original ideas from a wide array of creators.

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When the President of the United States signs an executive order demanding the immediate deportation of all illegal immigrants, California declares itself a “sanctuary state” in defiance of the law.   As traditionally liberal metropolitan areas find themselves increasingly at odds with the more conservative rural communities, the federal government cuts funding.  Several west coast cities band together in a supportive union. In response, the US government sends in the national guardian and finds itself relying on far-right militias to fight insurgent groups. Continue reading

Daughters of Knights

When a young woman is accused of witchcraft after several mysterious deaths, three men are tasked with escorting her to stand trial. The accused claims that a demon is to blame, and as the trio of guards bicker over their responsibilities to church and state, their journey takes them through the forest where her troubles began… Continue reading