Deathwish, #1 Review


Death wish is a strange tale of necromancy and organised crime in the modern world. A massacre in an Prague apartment building leads to a woman being offered a mysterious job as a bodyguard.

When Deathwish looks like its going to head in a fairly standard direction, it suddenly shifts. Early scenes lead us towards a violent mob-drama, before everything is turned on its head, with no explaination.

Soaked in blood, but with pretty much no violence, Deathwish issue 1 is a series of very tense conversations, where motives remain unclear throughout. From the gangsters squabbling amongst themselves, to a tense family diner, and finally an unusual business proposal, violence is always a possibility.

Art from Daria Aksenova has some nice design, with some quite complex set-ups nicely laid out. Scenes of conversations that feature eight characters are clear and without fuss. However, pacing is slow and a little uneven in places. There panels that seen superfluous.

Lettering is a little awkward in places, with balloons a little off in terms of size and placing, and a few unfortunate errors. The logo design and layout, however, is very clean and impressive.

Deathwish is an online comic from writer Daria Ridiger, which you can read for free at It looks like this is planned as a bit of an epic, with the website suggesting a total of thirty issues, an a handful of specials. That’s a huge endeavour for a web comic with decent production values, so it will be very interesting to see where this goes.

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